Ask Your Crush to Be Your Boyfriend! Here is the Right Method to Get Him to Finally Take the Step
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Ask Your Crush to Be Your Boyfriend! Here is the Right Method to Get Him to Finally Take the Step

Ask Your Crush to Be Your Boyfriend! You may have a crush on a guy for a long time, and for some reason you can’t tell him how you feel. If you are hoping to bring your feelings for him to a head, you will need to show him how important he is to you. If you want to become his girlfriend, here are a few ways which will help you to do so.

Change for the BetterWhenever you have a chance meet him make sure you look your best. Get a new wardrobe, get yourself lovely hair and put some make up on to boost your looks. Make sure you are in your best mood whenever you are with him to make him notice you.

Ask Your Crush to Be Your Boyfriend

Flirt with him when you canDo your best to flirt with him whenever you are together. Make sure he notices it and that when he does, he sees a positive attitude from you. Talk to him about things that interest him so that he knows that you enjoy his company.

Don’t forget about it

  • Show him that you have the confidenceNow that you have a couple of tickets in your pocket to watch a game together, make sure you continue to wear your confidence. Never turn your back to him during a game and prove that you have more to offer than the last woman standing.
  • Contend with the competitionIf your crush has a gorgeous girl competing for his attention and he can’t seem to make up his mind, then you will have to get smart and bank on your girl. Show your indifference to this girl and encourage her to step back in line. Become a challenge for her and see how she does with you.
  • Show him that you are the bestIt is plain and simple- he has to see that you easily outdo any girl in his proposed date. Show your other qualities and make sure he finds the happiness that he was looking for in you. Make his friends go green with envy.
  • Do the reverseThe very next time he proposes a date, surprise him with a very grand date. Don’t think too much as to how you will explain to him the change in plans- just take care of the big picture. Choose something that is very far out and in a very romantic manner.
  • Tell him how he has mistaken you for someone elseOne of the best ways to make him stop to take you seriously would be by showing him that it was he who had first misjudged you. Outwit him by telling him that though your heart is setting towards him, your contempt for this guy has begun to grow and is making him more detestable than ever.

Ask Your Crush to Be Your Boyfriend

Make him totally aware of the loss he would be going throughIf he refuses to take your rejection seriously enough and starts to avoid you, then you can tell him how he has been a database of irritation to you. You can also tell him frankly that all he has done is to think yourself in a very unhappy situation and take steps to fix it. Tell him that you can’t take anymore of him and look for guys that will woo you.

Ask Your Crush to Be Your Boyfriend

Be mature and tell him that he needs to make up his mindMany times in a relationship flirtation turns out to be a trigger of something great, very destructive and very hot. If you feel that you are losing your patience and you think that things are definitely heading towards the inevitable- start talking to him frankly. Tell him that your love for him is very overwhelming but due to the ‘flirtation’ hormone, he might just wake up and realize that he is courting the wrong girl.