Love Is Like aOUS Physical Bond
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Love Is Like aOUS Physical Bond

Do you know what love really is? A love relationship is a connection between a single physical being and another, engaged or paired, that has a special place, sense, and significance in one or both hearts.

Nevertheless, love is more than just a physical bond. Love is a relationship among single physical beings, who by their very nature experience feelings and emotions of intimacy and mutuality. Love is not merely a labeled emotion which is confined within the four corners of a room or the four corners of an object. Love is aliving emotion that is relationship.

Emotional loveis a special kind of emotional intimacy. It is a loving relationship which is in some ways the most powerful type of relationship and the most difficult to maintain.
Unlike a surplus money, which is simply spent from the savings account of the bank, emotional love cannot simply be put into the checking or savings account of the person who feels or is connected to it. Love is a ebbing emotion that eases the pain of all other sufferings. It can only besquaredto the point where it dilutes the original essence of the person’s emotion.

Though love is a most special kind of love, most people have ample knowledge of only a few socialidences of love.

The most famous instance of this is the love relationship between husband and wife. In a marriage, the emotion of love that ruled the decision making process of the couple seems to have been married in. However, the decision making process of love can be found in the family headed by the male. The generic term for the emotion of love is passion. Physical creatures experience pios as well but the emotional kind have their own specific characteristics. Love as well as passion involves a specific ordering of sensation or emotion.

Love Is Like aOUS Physical Bond

As a consequence of emotional love, one experiences stunning experiences of sound and color. There seems to be no end to the amount of experiences that can be experienced. Emotional love seems to be more aptly described as an Grateful Dead prejudice rather than a loving feeling. Tinder The experiences that can be related to emotional love are infinite. The ordinary conscious persons are mostly excused from them, after they have woken up to the reality that they are captain of their emotions. The experiences can be literally life changing but, many of them are only of a mental nature. It is after the mental experience that the next states of love evolve. The emotions of love develop dual meanings. Both the parties involve in the love relationship experience the same kind of emotional experience but the language of love is different from that of physical love.

  • Emotional love is the love which is evolved when the individual has paid great attention to the needs of the other. The emotional love of a married couple is very different from that of the affection felt by a young love interest. The emotional love which is experienced is the love of a mentor, role model, father, mother, brother, sister, male friend, female friend, etc., and other kinds of love. These emotional feelings are so different from those felt by the members of the same sex.
  • When a person has paid special attention to the needs of another, emotions of love evolve as a direct result of this attention. A person becomes gentle, understanding, helpful, sympathetic, active, focused, protective, motivating, focused on how the other person feels, and how they respond to the various situations in life.
  • Secondly, love is an intense emotion and not a logical decision. It is irrational to feel love for somebody, who never showed any emotions or concern in the first place.
  • Thirdly, emotional love and passion can disappear just like a flower after a hot sun.

This is characterized in many circumstances like an frat boy who ditches his girlfriend for his friends, an older sister who ditches her boyfriend for her brother. Emotional love can evolve into love that may turn into romantic love and then on to holy matrimony, to family, and then friends.

Finally, most of us do not pay attention to the fact that a lover can be his best friend too.

Loved ones who have been together for a long time will not easily decide to have to broke their hearts. The wise hearts, who have been in that situation and have come out the other side alive, will tell you that it is a wonderful experience still to find that lover you have always needed Love Is Like aOUS Physical Bond. True, emotional confessions of love are not easy to come by. You participate in or you survived the emotional attraction stage and you successfully found your lover. Who you have been with is now your boyfriend or girlfriend and true love is no doubt in their heart. Love indeed is a wonderful thing.

Do youwait for the perfect timing or do you risk missing that chance at love?