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How to Make Him Addicted to You All the Time? Here Is the Secret to Making This Happen Fast

How to Make Him Addicted to You All the Time? You cannot force a man to feel for you, but there are things that you can do that may remedy the situation. It is up to you to realize how to draw him closer to you so he feels the desire to be with you.

Here’s how:

  • Reinvention will help.If he has seen nothing but a woman who is louder, balder and skinnier, then it’s time to change things up. Look sexy and desirable – this will surely arouse him. Reinvention also means that you need to be able to bond with him. Let him realize that you can share inner happiness and funniness – two key elements in a successful relationship.
  • Be a source of fun.Life becomes so much easier for a woman who has a lot of activities and hobbies. A relationship doesn’t go any further if both of you stay at home or continue to spend time with other people. Go out and find activities or hobbies to jog your mind’s stamina.
  • Be his confidant. awkwardness almost always results from lack of communication. If you are perfect in holding a regular conversation, then it won’t be necessary to keep talking. The only thing that needs to cross a man’s mind is the question, “what are you thinking or feeling”. If you can constantly assure him of your support and devotion, then he won’t feel the need to go look for happiness elsewhere.
  • Let him see the real you.Never pretend to be someone you’re not just so he will be hooked on you. Pretend to like something you don’t or do something just so he will see that you’re the perfect girl for him. Don’t be false or a pretentious woman in order to attract his attention. If he can’t see the beauty in you, it’s so much easier for him to look for beauty elsewhere how to make him addicted to you.
  • Let love seep in.It is an irony that men are not known for their sense of love. Take advantage of this weakness. Let the love you have for him ooze out of you and he will surely notice it. Make it your goal to let the most part of you appear in front of him. Continue nurturing the relationship and you’ll get the best results.
  • Be selfless rather than self-centered.Sometimes, a woman is prominent in going after rich, handsome men but is she remembered for her loyalty? No. Instead, men look for women that are caring. Don’t just be a lady while you’re still going after your career. Make him realize that you’ve got a soft side. Doing this will make him realize your true value.
  • Don’t ever take him for granted.Even if you’re famous, his family will always be his top priority. Let him hear and see the amount of attention you give him. He will be smitten by your genuine concern for him. Don’t ever take him for granted and he’ll be will be yours to keep.
  • Don’t demand for attention.Aside from his family, he should always be the most important person in your life. Don’t ever demand for attention whether his parents are away or he’s sick. This way, your man will be farther attracted to you.
  • Make yourself irresistible.Be comfortable in what you’re wearing. How comfortable do you think you are when you leave the house – in the morning, in the evening or just spending few minutes inside the house? Make yourself comfortable with the way you look. It’s all about your attitude. Be pleasant and you’ll see how wonderful he’ll treat you.
How to Make Him Addicted to You All the Time? Here Is the Secret to Making This Happen Fast