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How to Get That Second Date

So you’ve done the impossible and got a second date. Now, how do you take things to the next level? Get this right and there’s no way you can lose. If you want to nail it right, follow these instructions.

So, you’ve gone on the first date with your new catch and you feel pretty sure things are going well. You’re even hoping for a second date. That’s great. Now is your time to execute all the moves you took so well and make him like you as much as you like him.

It all begins with the first impression. Pick carefully the clothes you wear. The kind of shoes you wear, and the cologne you decide to use. The very little thing about your appearance that gives him that winning smile is very important. Don’t overdo it on the makeup. You don’t want to hide the natural beauty that you have. Revealing more skin could lure him in, but if you want more sparks to fly between you, then make him work for it!

On the same coin, refrain from being loud and obnoxious

There is nothing more unappealing than a woman who talks too much. A good conversation, careful conversation, hints of sexy innuendo, and a little window-shopping can be very intriguing to a guy. Let him know that you are interested, but not so eager that he feels smothered!

The trick is to seem aloof but interested. Some girls can get away with this, look reserved and Philisten a little, but if you want to show your interest in more than a passing Interest. Then you have a winning combination! So confident that he will not want to lose sight of you, but reserved enough to give signs that you would welcome another pass!

After the first date, things can move a little quickly. If you want him to like you as much as you like him, make your next appearance someplace that he won’t be able to miss! Odds are, if he did happen to show up at your meeting, it’ll be someplace fairly secluded.

So be ready when you show up and keep things brief. Be a little vague about the activities you have planned. All you need to do is keep him guessing. You want him to think about you and wonder what you are up to. It can be hard to do, but you can do it!

Second Date

Think of that first kiss as your Romeo and Juliette moment. You are both still a long way from gaining newfound kissing prowess, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot build the passion back to its former level.

  • When you do kiss, make it your main tactic to play it at a slower pace.ime, not closely. You can just barely squeeze his lips, but don’t try and force him to kiss you. Chances are, while he is lost in that moment, you will be taking some comfort in his arms.
  • Don’t blame him forProblem number one: too much, too soon!……. acclaim his passion, feels life, and revel in it!
  • Problem number two: Timing is everything!…… No need to wield this mighty sword – its all going to blow over, I promise!

I personally swore an easy Google search would reveal all the secrets of getting a second date, but then I realized that would take too much effort and unless I was somehow able to hypnotize my date into submission. No, that’s just silly talk.

The nudge in the right direction came when I was reading about a guy named Toys

A man who had a silly ad in a newspaper wondering why no lady he knew had ever called him up to ask for a date. He then geared up on some research, some knowledge gathering to try and uncover the secret to getting what he wanted. He had too find a woman the same age that felt the way he did and wanted to date him. was the natural choice, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to meet a woman who wants the same thing you do. She will be the one who is most compatible with you. How many girls will you find? One, two…out of thousands, right?

I was skeptical about trying to train a woman to be my companion, as I had always intended to find a girl with whom I could share a womanly companionship, and possibly a future relationship. But then I became aware of a problem that was beginning to unfold in my dating life.

Nothing seemed to work the way I thought it did. I was to the point where I wanted to think about changing things, but I was not sure I could go about changing someone else’s behavior. Furthermore, there were times when it appeared as if it was not working out, and if things did not work out it was a drag to go on.