Giving People What They Give To You
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reciation: Giving People What They Give To You

Giving People What They Give To You. When you’re in a relationship with open and clear values, it’s easy to earn every man’s appreciation. In a relationship, you’re not supposed to compete with other women, to fight over who gets to be with him, to please him. Similarly, it’s also not supposed to be about how you successfully chase after men. It’s ALWAYS (including logically) about how you provide what he gives to you.

See, when a man uses his energy to chase after a woman, he’s doing so because he wants something from her. Part of him wants sex, intimacy, a boyfriend, etc. And part of him wants to “get it on,” to enjoy the physical pleasure he feels towards her.

Giving People What They Give To You

In a way, men are really all just chasing sex, once they get caught, they die of sexual boredom. So when you give a man what he wants, he feels good. On the flip side, when a man gets “chased” by a woman, his instinct is to want to get away from her. So when you chase a man, you’re actually chasing HIM, right from the get go.

When you want a man to chase you back, you need to provide HIM with something valuable to chase. Looks, money, power, ice skating experience‚Ķsomething that’s exciting, something he DOESN’T have on a daily basis. Again, consider this useful permission when you choose to surrender something to him. Remember, it’s only fair. Carnal desires are wavering.

Giving People What They Give To You

This is why they’re called carnal desires. They change from day to day. You’re supposed to be a man who enjoys women simply for being the beautiful, sexy women he is. Use that appeal in yourself and the men will follow you.

If you want a man to be fascinated with you, you can’t be obsessed with your looks. You want your man to FEEL amazing every time he’s around you. Not because you think he’ll get laid more because you’re “wired the way God intended.”

When you surrender your power to a man, you’ll leave yourself open to getting psychologically and emotionally sucked into a man’s mind. You use communication, your body language, a smile, laughter, a soft tone of voice, and gentle touches to increase and prolong the power you exude. And when you surrender your power, the men will know it’s only a slight step from LOVE to hate. I promise!

Giving People What They Give To You

When you love and WANT a man, he’ll be GIVING YOU flowers, chocolates, expensive dinners, exotic trips, and endless compliments because he wants to please you. It’s like he’s offering you a stuffed animal he can lean on to experience pleasure and pain together. You’re not locked in. You’re free to walk away at any time Giving People What They Give To You. It’s more than just getting the data that you need to decide whether to surrender power to him.

Remember, it only takes a couple minutes for a man to decide whether he really wants you in return! If you’re not getting flowers, he’ll leave without paying you a thing. But if you’re getting flowers, and he sees absolutely NO gratitude, but rather intense gratitude, he’s becoming a man who wants to surrender power to YOU.

And guess what? When he decides he wants you, he’ll make it sure these conditions are met. He won’t let the attraction itself take hold. He wants the same things as you do, but he’s willing to put some space between his desire and who he really is.