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Don’t Be Attracted To Men Who Are Bad For You

Don’t Be Attracted To Men Who Are Bad For You

It’s not a secret that I don’t understand the way attraction works. I mean, I’ve got the pants on and people think I’m good-looking and a lot smarter, but no one seems to think that I have an advantage over average-looking, or rather, average-behaved men. I mean, I’m reasonably good-looking and I went to a lot of school for psychology and failed miserably at it, but I have yet to figure out what turns women on.

Do I want to share my secrets with you? NO. And if you don’t want to hear those secrets, then I suggest you either keep stowing your secrets or just take them out.

Don’t Be Attracted To Men Who Are Bad For You

First of all, I don’t know why but somehow being a bad boyfriend does not seem to entirely destroy a woman’s attraction for me. Some time ago, it occurred to me that I might be doing something wrong, but actually, it is not entirely correct, so I began to ask. Should I stop at trying to understand what is wrong and change to something that makes my life more fulfilling? Well, that was a mistake.

That is the very reason that I desire to share with you, so that you may finally understand what actually turns women on.

And the big secret that I am about to share with you is, once again, I don’t know why but somehow being a bad boyfriend does make women’s attraction to me stronger. Strange, but true.

Here’s the thingy that I discovered, and believe me, it has nothing to do with being bad. Actually, being good has everything to do with being attractive, so it makes me wonder why women like men who are kind but are complete opposites.

It might have something to do with the ‘uniqueness’ that only men seem to have.

You could call it the melting clock phenomenon. The truth is, there are many women who would wake up in the morning and feel compelled to call or text you, and if this is happening to you and you don’t want it to be true, then call 1-800-799- Representation because it is true.

The point is, you have to be confident and assured all the time. You can’t act like man who has no problems in life, who has all his life on hold waiting for the girl to decide. No, you have to be confident because life is full of surprises every single day, and women loves surprises. Isn’t it true?

If you are not confidant that you are great with women, then chances are, you are wrong! What are you going to do about it?

Don’t Be Attracted To Men Who Are Bad For You

Be a real man and go find the courage to be the most confident man you can possibly be! That’s the only way to be irresistible to women, and I am talking about women here who are average at best.

Women who are average at best are looking for a real man to be their life partner, their boyfriend, and their lover.

Read on and you will find out the real list of do’s and dont’s to be the man women fall for. Enjoy…..


  • Make her feel unique and special. Send a thank you note after a wonderful date instead of a thank you message the next day. Make her feel special even if you’re not.
  • Be a great listener. Men are usually up on their toes when it comes to conversation. Ask her several questions when you’re out on a date, and pay attention to the answers. Keep her talking, and she will think that you are intrigued and intrigued her!
  • Turn on the romantic tunes! Women love love romance novels, and by writing a few good romantic notes, she will think that you are the best. Bring out the best in her, by doing things that she wants to do!
  • Follow the Five Do’s and Not Do’s to be an irresistible man! If you do all of the following things, she will melt for you in an instant:
  • Don’t be a creep. Are you two dancing at the edge of the noise to try to get some music going again? Stop being a creepy creature. Do not go to her house, ‘hoping’ that she’ll be home and ready to go out. It’s wrong.

Don’t corner her and act like a pervert. Do not go into her bedroom. Do not go the bathroom with her and check her out. Do not check out her breasts or abuse her in any way. Tell her that you like her, but it’s inappropriate to have sex with her. This will keep her at ease with you, and the sexual tension with her will be divine!

Don’t be a loser. Do not take yourself so seriously. Do the opposite, act like a winner. Be the guy that she wants in the end.