Art of Seduction
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Mastering the Art of Seduction

Art of Seduction – Men are constantly striving to improve themselves and in the process, they try to image themselves as more attractive. To most, attractiveness resides on the inner being, in the heart of the man. However, women seem to be hardwired to appear before men as gorgeous items, which are then imaged as outer attributes.

These two sexes actually have grown up in different worlds and this is the main reason why the two are not able to coexist. It may be wrong, but I think that man is naturally attracted to beautiful women, while the female is naturally attracted to manly and confident men.

Art of Seduction

To be more specific, women seem to be attracted to manly and confident traits, while the male is attracted to beautiful femininity. A woman would want a man who can be powerful, who can protect her and who would also desire her to be happy and faithful. The result: Trap. Beautiful women will only acknowledge a man who can provide for her.

Taurus, on the other hand, is considered to be the most dynamic, mysterious and demanding of the signs. The male, while powerful and aggressive, is considered to be difficult to get along with in bed, though he has all the time in the world to provide for a family. Someone who would willingly submit to these conditions is said to have a weaknesses of Sagittarius. They are not without rivals, however; Sagittarius will seek to dominate his rivals in order to ensure that they will only become admirers and not pen pals. He is quite demonstrative in these moments and is quite good at persuasion skills Art of Seduction.

Art of Seduction

Gemini has charisma like fire; their confidence is suffocating and their voice is music to listen too. They are capable not only of charming a woman but are capable of making people think that they transcend the ordinary- meaning just what people expect to see in them- including himself. Taurus however has a rather shy personality, though he can be witty as Gemini is often seen to be the more charming of the two. Gemini however is a more sociable sign; he will not create a scene but will surelyECTIONSOME! He will however, get along with others quite easily.

On the other hand, Libra is considered to be the most intelligent of all the Zodiacs. He is the most inventive of them and can be seen everywhere with his intelligent- gregarious behavior Art of Seduction. He is the one who will come up with the idea of the first online dating site or the concept of virtual reality for instance. To some, he is a “true Alpha Male.” But as with Taurus and Gemini, Libra can be quite boring in bed.

Art of Seduction

The most interesting of the Zodiac signs is probably Aquarius who knows how to depth a relationship from the more intimate perspectives. He is confidant and down-to-earth and can be quite charming. He is prone to making very good friends and comes across as quite humble and shy in his behavior.

By knowing the nature of each sign, one can versify with its particular strengths and weaknesses. If any of the sign has a great potential to become a great love, then the sign is best utilized to bring the most advantage with less stable, boring traits. And conversely, if Aquarius can provide an enriching love, he is more than capable of handling his lover’s demands.