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4 Steps to Attracting More Men Into Your Life

4 Steps to Attracting More Men Into Your Life

You can either sit and wait for men to notice you or you can do something about it. When it comes to attracting men into your life, you have to put yourself in front of the game. If you’re finding yourself intimidated and saying that you simply will not be able to do it then maybe you shouldn’t sit down and wait for the perfect guy to land in your lap. If you’re committed to being a relationship and have decided to try out the more traditional ways to attract a partner, then here are a few things that you can begin to do today to see whether you will gain the desired attention from the male crowd.

  1. Dress Up

Some women become embarrassed when they attend a club without an iPod on them because they want to attract attention from the guys that enter the club. What you may not realize is that with an iPod in your ears, you will have taken to heart secretly in order to attract more men. You will be surprised how a music addict’s charm works on other men. Choose a sexy pair of shoes which highlight your femininity and some high heels if you’re really trying to let everyone around notice you. If you purchase a good pair of shoes, you also have to spend a little time finding a good-looking bag, which should include…

  1. Your Own Hand-made Sofa

fortify yourself

Fortify yourself by adding the hand-made sofa blank, a few hanging buttons, a couple of pockets, a couple of bottles of hand cream, and your favorite heels. Next, incorporate some accessories to make it look extra special. If you’re not sure what to choose, try a few different colors anddesignsuntil you find the perfect one. If you’re really creative, you can make your own hand-made sofas as well.

  1. Perfume

Nothing works better as an aphrodisiac than sweet, feminine flowers and perfumes. If you can figure out what kind of perfume increases yourfeelings and makes you feel pretty, then spend the extra time and effort to find out which one smells that way. Ladies, you know that smell is the strongest sense associated with memory, so you can bet that a woman will associate your smell with you, giving you addedStrengthwhen you’re around.

  1. Your Online Profile

Ladies, your online profile could just be the gateways to getting a man to ask you out. Yes, it’s true. There are a lot of profiles, pictures and information in online profiles, and a picture is always worth a thousand words. Never put up your profile if you don’t think you are worthy of the guy looking for a partner. If you think you are attractive enough to be around, then you are pretty much guaranteed that men will come and ask you out to start off a conversation. Never have a profile that is less than flattering, either. Be sure to upload a recent picture of yourself, and don’t forget your tagline.

  1. Let Others Come To You

If you know anything about online dating, you know that people are going to use various websites, such as, to find suitable dates. You may not want to search yourself though, if you think you are a little wild or weird. This is the perfect opportunity for you to let others lead you. All you have to do is answer an online dating profile, and write a few things about your hobby, sexuality, likes and anything that you feel is important about you. Really think about what you’re looking for and see if you can come up with a few interesting sentences. It can be a long shot, so if you don’t think you can, just leave it out. But, if you can, make sure that your profile includes the following things:

  1. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Bad pictures have caused plenty of relationships to be unsuccessful. No matter what kind of relationship you are in, put a picture up of yourself looking your best, but don’t be too explicit. Choose a faded picture of you at a place where you look good, but can be found without too much of your body cut out or superimposed onto the picture. Keep the resolution as close to 100% as is possible. Then, sync the picture with an accompanying text or email.

When you have a picture and the text adds to the effect, men will instantly feel motivated to take you out.

  1. AlwaysDisplay A Sense Of Humor

Roles of leadership are not always an easy one to portray in online dating scenarios. However, an online dating profile is one of the steps that you will have to play in order to find a suitable partner. It’s almost like playing the part of a grown-up, but pretending to be a little kid.